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Welcome to the OHBC Wiki, the "Messenger!"
"OHBC Messenger- The Oak Hill Baptist Church Wiki!"

Oak Hill Baptist Church, 613 Lundale Drive, Oak Hill, West Virginia 25901

Oak Hill Baptist Church

Click the photo above to access our website! ohbaptist.com

Eight decades ago Reverend Shirley Donnelly moved us into our present building and began publishing a journal called "The Messenger," as an outreach to bring the OHBC flock together. Today technology has changed, and life may seem more complex, but the spiritual needs of Christians on Lundale Drive and throughout Oak Hill are still there, so as a modern vehicle to draw our church family closer we launch our church Wiki! If you are a church worker, need to communicate with your specific group or the entire flock, or simply have questions participate! Read the passage below to find out how...

This is our place "On the Plateau" to step into the 21st Century and submit and share our reflections and responses electronically. Use the navigation links to the left to select an area of interest and explore. Ready to start? Select the yellow button in the upper right of this screen and "join our Wiki!" Next choose the page on which you wish to contribute by going to the navigation panel to the left, click the link under "home"....then post away!

EZ Steps for posting:
1) Click the button on the upper right corner of this page and "Join the Wiki"
2) Spend some time and look at our Wiki pages by clicking on the navigation tabs on the upper left of this screen
3) Select a page which you would like to interact with and start a thread
4) Post your thread
5) Spread the word about this Wiki, and get people involved!

(Just for fun you are welcome to "Play in the Sandbox" too! "Sandbox" is the page where you can test your skills. "Sandbox" is our off topic page)

Are you still wondering what a WIKI is?......read on!

WIKI communications
Any collaborative website that users can easily modify via the web, typically without restriction. A wiki allows anyone, using a web browser, to edit, delete or modify content that has been placed on the site, including the work of other authors. This has been found to work surprisingly well since contributors tend to be more numerous and persistent than vandals and old versions of pages are always available.
Text is entered using a simple mark-up language which is then rendered as HTML. A feature common to many of the different implementations is that any word in mixed case LikeThis is automatically turned into a link to a page of that name, which may or may not exist (similar to the linking in this dictionary).
In contrast, a web log, typically authored by an individual, does not allow visitors to change the original posted material, only add comments.
Wiki wiki means "quick" in Hawaiian. The first wiki was created by Ward Cunningham in 1995."

FROM the The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, © 1993-2007 Denis Howe

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